The Juggler matters too! Lessons along the way – Part Nine

A few years ago, I realized that in juggling all my roles, it was so easy to forget the role of caring for ME. So whilst standing as the “performer” in the arena of life, and juggling the balls of work, family, relationship with God and church family, social commitments, school, etc., I was quick to say of the things that directly impacted my well-being, “I don’t have time” or in some cases, “I don’t have money”. Until I realized how wrong I was! How was I so quick to push ME down the priority list? How was it that I was working hard, earning well, and yet could not find time and sometimes money for the things that contributed to my own well-being?

YOU are the most important person in your life’s journey. If you are unwell, in dis-ease, and not your complete self, you will be unable to fully give your best to all of your roles.

YOU need YOU. You work hard. You pay bills. You are present for your family and friends and community but what do you do for yourself? This goes beyond buying things and yes retail therapy is a good thing! But this time, that’s not what I mean. I mean, you need to discover what really helps you relax, what makes you refreshed and what helps YOU be at peace.

Is it sitting at the beach observing nature? Is it watching a movie alone without anyone asking you questions? Is it reading? Is it an adventure? Is it a long drive with good music? Do you really know what makes you happy? Clue – it cannot depend on someone else. Someone else cannot bestow this level of individual wellness on you. You cannot wait for a white horse and a glittering personality to arrive.

Juggling is an art and a science. The art for example is in the ability to know when to arrive at a wedding, take pictures, be visible, and then move to the next activity. The science is in delegation, lists, routines, and automation. As much as possible cutting out emergencies through planning can save you a lot of stress. Knowing that you are not an octopus with 8 arms is also a good thing!

Juggling may mean stepping away from certain activities for a while to focus on others. For instance, if you once had a vibrant nightlife and then decide to take up a course in a university to better position yourself for work-related opportunities, it’ll be foolhardy to continue to be up all-night partying yet unable to commit time to learning and school work. YOU can control that. There’s a time for everything.

…and listen to your body when it says it’s tired. When it wants to sleep and rest and when it needs to be away from everything.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” Stephen Covey.
YOU are the one ball you cannot drop.

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