“Consistency is the mark of champions.” Lessons along the way – Part Ten

On the day I turned eighteen, I got a note…yes, a handwritten note as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, I no longer have the note, but a portion of it is etched in my memory. It read, “Consistency is the mark of champions”. The essence of the note was to encourage me to remain focused on my goals. It was a note from my assistant youth pastor.

I have a habit of testing “wise sayings” I think about them, and pressure-test them. Is consistency really the mark of champions, I asked myself a number of times. I observed champions. Was this wisdom relevant and applicable to me? I do this because something can sound right but holds no innate value when tested. That’s how come I don’t believe in “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. I have for a very long time realized that the majority is not always right and definitely not an indication of the best way to do anything. So, I will seek or ask for an alternative viewpoint. A diverse option. What the majority did not consider. I believe it is in going against the tide that great things happen. But I digressed.

Consistency may seem repetitive and maybe even boring. It may even be mundane. Doing the same things repeatedly. But consistency makes you better and makes you a master. It’s so cool to want to announce a new adventure every year or every month. It’s “for the culture” to announce, “I’m excited to be starting a new….” and whilst starting new things has an inherent allure, I have come to realize that because of this, the ability to stick to a particular course of action for a period is diminished.

May I suggest that you do not discount your ability to stay on course as opposed to starting something new? New is nice! But completion and consistency are powerful.

Consistency also means building depth rather than breadth. Consistency makes you practice repeatedly which requires discipline. Discipline to do it even when you don’t feel like it. Even when it’s hard and uncomfortable. Consistency requires focus. It requires work. Consistency can be hard.

So whilst my birthday note still sings to my heart, it is also a burden of duty. It’s what makes me wake up to write even when I want to sleep an extra hour. It’s not for the applause, it’s for the muscle I’m building that requires consistently doing it repeatedly.

Sometimes we take consistency for granted and we shouldn’t.

Instead of always declaring, “New month new goals” or “new year, new me”,  how about keeping it simple and focusing on being consistently great at what you’re already doing?

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