SALES 101: What Everyone Should Know About Sales

Selling is a critical skill for success in business. Whether you are in the sales team or not, you need to be able to sell to succeed. This book provides a guide for everyone who wants to be able to sell. The writing style is simple, engaging and compelling. It breaks down sales into simple yet actionable steps and presents it in an easy-to-follow manner. The author draws on personal experience and liberally shares her frustrations and triumphs selling in a corporate environment.

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Rev. Albert Ocran

Pastor, Author and Executive Coach


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

George Addair

If there is one skill everyone needs in their careers, it has to be the ability to sell. Whether we know it or not, we are always selling one thing or another. The pastor, the lawyer, the politician, the artist, the chef, the astronaut, the newscaster and the fashion designer are de facto salespeople.

So why do people fear sales so much? Why do we tend to be so paranoid about something we do daily? The answer is simple. Many people are unaware of what it takes to be a sales champion in their field. They see sales as the very difficult job of a professional sales department That is why this book Sales 101 by Petra Aba Asamoah is a must-read for every professional and anyone with aspirations for a top position in their field. The truth is, as you climb higher in any professional endeavour, your success depends less on your technical ability and more on skills like selling, public speaking, managing people and negotiation, many which are treated in this book.

Petra Aba Asamoah is a consummate salesperson. She has the rare distinction of having transitioned successfully from the frontline sales role, through the middle belt of supervision to the executive level of strategy in sales, marketing and customer service. She brings this expanse of experience to bear in this her premier publication which is bound to be the first of many.

Sales 101 has the unique distinction of qualifying both as a sales textbook and as an everyday read for anyone seeking to improve themselves and advance in their careers. The writing style is simple, engaging and compelling. The writer borrows from practical experiences and liberally shares her frustrations and triumphs to help bring home the various lessons.

I tried to single out my favourite chapter in Sales 101 and I will tell you why it was a struggle. The ethical part of me was impressed with “Selling Responsibly” for obvious reasons. “Butterflies and Jitters” are a daily experience for even the most experienced salespersons. “Handling

Objections” came across as the chapter that would heal many people’s biggest sales fear – rejection. I eventually settled on “A marathon and not a sprint” because it is one of the most powerful laws of progress in any venture in life.

A solid grasp of the foundational sales principles shared in this book will transform your career, increase your confidence and help you to seize your opportunities in life. I wholly and unreservedly recommend this book, Sales 101, by my friend Petra Aba Asamoah and prayerfully expect it to be a hugely successful publication.

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