Jungle Dance

Jungle Dance is a euphemism for a myriad of issues, roles, relationships and routes. It is a picture of what the corporate world is – challenging but rewarding also. It captures feelings of despondency, rejection and confusion interlaced with the triumphs, friendships and love that two women experience in their corporate journeys.

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Charlotte A. Osei

Lawyer & International Elections Consultant Accra, Ghana


In Petra’s second book, she veers very far off the track of her first book, Sales 101 and ventures into the very exciting realms of modern African fiction. And she delivers a fantastic and intriguing addition to the genre.

Jungle Dance deals with many of the issues and challenges confronting today’s African woman that are rarely discussed publicly, but whispered among young African women very furtively and very frequently. What do you do when you are one half of a career power couple and you get a great job offer in another country? Who makes the sacrifice for the other’s sacrifice? And when the husband takes a step back for the wife’s career, how do the couple manage the judgmental stares and fight back from the extended family?

How does one deal with a toxic work environment and at what point does one put one’s physical and emotional well- being ahead of a job? Jungle Dance also deals with issues of emotional intelligence at work, cultural differences and of course a healthy dose of cross country marriages in a very mature and caring manner. The magic of Jungle Dance is that the stories of these amazing women is set within the context of contemporary history and the relationship between Ghana & Nigeria, not just at the political level, but at the corporate, family and personal levels.

Jungle Dance ends with too many untold stories. There’s more to the stories of Yomba and Chidi Bose and Mantse that we cannot wait to hear. It is such a joy and an honour to welcome Petra Aba Asamoah to the esteemed club of phenomenal modern day writers of African fiction. We are waiting eagerly for Jungle Dance II.

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